Pay & Display

Landowners who have private land sometimes never think that they could be generating revenue from the land they own, in the way of a Pay-&-Display car park.

When motorist park their vehicles on private land with Pay & Display meters, they would have to pay for a ticket and display it clearly through their windscreen. The ticket would give an indication of when their parking time is over.

Parking Wardens would be patrolling the car park frequently to issue Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) to vehicles who have overstayed or parked incorrectly.

Our Pay & Display system can be bespoke to your needs if needed. Staff members and visitors could be allowed to park for free using our permits.

We firstly would have to carry out a site visit to give you an estimate of how much the service would cost. We would then install Pay & Display meters, accompanied with the relevant parking signage, which would outline the rules a vehicle has to abide by after entering the car park.

Key Benefits

Free parking signs provided with Instalation.

Maintenance of Pay & Display machines and collection of money.

Frequent uniformed Warden patrols.

Installation of Pay & Display ticket machines.